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Mauro Picotto – A Call In The Club [ALCDG080]


Artist: Mauro Picotto
Title: A Call In The Club
Genre: Tech House, Techno
Label: Alchemy (Italy)
Release Date: 00.04.2017
Quality: 320 kbps
Download Source: Web

Mauro Picotto – A Call In The Club (Original Mix) 7:00
Mauro Picotto – Flashing (Basun Mix) 8:57
Mauro Picotto – Latin Movement (Original Mix) 6:38
Mauro Picotto – Look Behind (Xxbass Mix) 6:30
Mauro Picotto – Motion (Riccardo Ferri Live Mix) 8:19
Mauro Picotto – Mystic Force (Personal Mix) 6:47
Mauro Picotto – Old But Gold (Updated Mix) 8:07
Mauro Picotto – Private Eyes (Watchin You) (Original Mix) 6:37
Mauro Picotto – Science (Original Mix) 9:13
Mauro Picotto – The Essence (Original Mix) 7:07
Mauro Picotto – The Player (Original Mix) 6:10
Mauro Picotto – The Whistle (Bonus Beat Tool Only) 6:18
Mauro Picotto – Unthinkable (Original Mix) 6:22
Mauro Picotto – Unthinkable (Riccardo Ferri Live Mix) 6:31
Mauro Picotto – Viaggioso (Original Mix) 6:34
Mauro Picotto, Barny Scott – AYALA (Can You Feel) (Luca Donzelli Tech House Vision Mix) 7:56
Mauro Picotto, Barny Scott – Don’t Let Me Go (Pulsar Mix) 6:06
Mauro Picotto, Devid – Blue Dot (Original Mix) 6:24
Mauro Picotto, Riccardo Ferri – Cazzenbeis (Original Mix) 7:01
Mauro Picotto, Riccardo Ferri – Fugitives (Original Mix) 6:46
Mauro Picotto, Riccardo Ferri – Moonquake (Mauro Personal Mix) 9:08
Mauro Picotto, Riccardo Ferri – NIUIK (How Fortunate The Man With None) (Original Mix) 7:14
Mauro Picotto, Riccardo Ferri – Organic Electronic (Original Mix) 8:00
The Lizard Man – Claxxix (Mauro Picotto Megamix) 9:07
Mauro Picotto – Continuous Mix (Continuous Mix) 1:15:55


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